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Men’s Den

Designed exclusively for men, Men’s Den is a place where men can put their skin and body needs first, in the trusted hands of our laser and skin specialists.

Men’s Den therapists are highly focused on delivering outstanding service, offering specialised treatments that have been created specifically for men’s varying skin concerns, resulting in the perfect overall experience for men who believe in looking after themselves.

Our skin and laser treatments are the backbone of what we offer, but it’s the environment we’ve created that makes Men’s Den truly unique.

Here, you’re invited to escape the daily grind for 15 minutes or more, all whilst receiving industry-leading skin and laser treatments.

Get back to feeling good at Men’s Den Australia.

Our Treatments

A man’s morning routine might involve a little cologne here and the random after shave balm there, however the truth is men’s skin and body care needs deserve a lot more love than they get.

Laser Hair Removal

Throw out your razors! Our laser treatments are the fastest, most reliable yet comfortable method of permanent hair reduction. More…

Laser Treatments

You want to look your best, our advanced laser treatments can assist with spider veins and also help reduce superficial pigmentation to even up your skin tone. More…

Skin Treatments

Regular skin treatments are more than just an aesthetic choice – they literally rejuvenate the skin. More…

Skin Needling

Our Collagen Induction Therapy can treat a range of concerns from scar reduction and pore size to skin tone and texture. More…

Cosmetic Injectables

Our anti-wrinkle injections offer safe and effective relaxation of the facial muscles in your area of concern. This treatment can be used in combination with dermal fillers. More…

Medical Injectables

Our specially trained cosmetic injector is able to administer prescription only medicine, which helps to prevent chronic migraines, teeth grinding and excessive sweating. More…