Give your skin the CPR that it needs and bring it back to life with our range of facial skin peels.

Each day, we look after our hair  and we groom or shave, so surely our skin deserves the same attention through occasional skin treatments?

Our exclusive range of facial peels and treatments are specifically designed to cater to men’s skin types of varying sensitivities.

Once you’ve experienced the benefits, we know you’ll make our treatments part of your regular maintenance routine.



Purify, soothe and balance the look of your skin. This deep cleanse prevents and eliminates the appearance of blackheads, whiteheads and congestion while leaving the skin calm and refreshed.




The most relaxing facial treatment we have to offer. Starting with an intensive steam cleanse and tailored exfoliation followed with the application of a customised mask. While the mask does its work you are left to relax with a head, neck, shoulder massage completed with serum application your skin is left feeling fresh and rejuvenated.



ADD ON $20

Is our Deep Cleansing Facial still not enough luxury for you?
Upgrade to our Peptide mask or oxygen treatment for the most lavish treatment Men’s Den has to offer.


Whether you’re short on time or have a spare 45 minutes, Microdermabrasion offers great results that leave you walking out with brighter and more hydrated skin. The combination of crushed diamond tip and vacuum suctions works to exfoliate and stimulate.

So what’s the main difference between the two options we offer?




These are perfect for people who are time poor or are using microdermabrasion in combination with other treatments. A quick 20 minutes we use the combination the microdermabrasion device along with a customised serum application to hydrate and give your skin that extra exfoliation it needs.




Designed for a first time client or a monthly treatment for skin maintenance our restoring micro starts with deep cleansing of your skin, followed by an enzyme treatment and use of the microdermabrasion device. Followed with a tailored mask treatment and a head massage. We finish with a serum application. These treatments take 45 minutes and leave your skin looking amazing.



All peels are chosen at the discretion of our skin specialist after consultation and analysis of your skin. If you ever feel you are experienced an adverse response with your skin after a peel treatment, please contact one of our skin specialist at the clinic.


Blueberry Mojito

$99 - $109

This exfoliation peel is guaranteed to have you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. With The combination of lactic acid and enzymes that will help to lift away that unwanted layer of built up skin cells. Rest assured there is no down time with this treatment. It’s the perfect peel to fit into your lunch break or before an event.


Whiskey, On The Rocks


Our series of lactic acid derived hydrating peels guarantee exceptional results, no matter what your skin concerns are. These peels are intensely hydrating and exfoliating, whilst being a gentle approach and a great introduction to chemical peeling, perfect for even the most sensitive skin types. 3 strengths available.


Gin & Tonic


No matter what your age, if you are experiencing excessive oiliness, breakouts or clogged pores our oil control peel will fast track your to desire for fresh, clear, healthy-looking skin. With The use application of powerful AHA & BHA along with and botanical extracts will help to detoxify and purify the look of blemish prone your skin.


The Godfather


Already addicted to Vitamin A’s benefits? This rejuvenation peel helps to improve fine lines, wrinkles, rough textured, dull skin as well as skin with visible pores, minor discolouration, muddy complexion or time damaged skins. Clinically proven to deliver the most spectacular anti-ageing and skin refining results in record time.


Cab Sav


Want to lie about your age and have everyone believe you? This exceptionally decadent age deception peel combines AHA & BHA with red wine extracts and pure certified cocoa, to assist in resurfacing your skin to perfection and giving a more energised youthful appearance.


Tequila! Tequila!

Price $129.00

Dark spots, sun damage and pigmentation not only spoil your good looks but can age you beyond your years. Our Tequila! Tequila! Peel is here with the clinically proven lightening action of Vitamin C and Tyrostat™. This illuminating peel will work to rapidly clear the appearance of uneven skin tone and restore clarity to your complexion.


  • Blueberry Mojito (Exfoliation Peel) $99 - $109
  • Whiskey on the Rocks (Hydrating Peel) $119
  • Gin & Tonic (Oil Control Peel) $129
  • The Godfather (Rejuvenation Peel) $139
  • Cab Sav (Age Deception Peel) $129
  • Tequila! Tequila! (Illuminating Peel) $129