Bye, Bye Spiderman!

Spider veins and capillaries can be a worry for many men.

Laser therapy can be not only the best but one of the very few ways to deal with those veins! Helping to reduce dilated capillaries and overall assist in improving skin tone and diffused redness as well. As always, we use the highest-grade lasers for the best results. Now you can show off those body parts without surgery or the veins!

Talk with one of our skin specialists on what treatment will best suit you.

Treatments start from $109.00.


Laser Pigmentation Removal

  • Full Face $139
  • Half Face $99
  • Neck $99
  • Décolletage $159
  • Other Areas & Spot Treatments $POA
  • Treatment Packages $POA

Laser Vascular Capillary Removal

  • Facial Capillaries (5mins) $149
  • Spider vein Removal (5min) $189
  • Flushing (5min) $109
  • Treatment Packages $POA